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Jul 22, 2013 · Supervillain Origins of Solomon Grundy Once a wealthy man named Cyrus Gold, he was killed and his body disposed of in the swamp. Everytime Batman Has Gotten Super Powers (1939 - … Cyrus Gold | Headhunter's Holosuite Wiki | Fandom

Cyrus Gold (New Earth-Two) | Comic Crossroads | Fandom The creature known as Solomon Grundy's past before fighting the original Green Lantern is large unknown and widely debated, but what is known is about the monster is that he was once a wealthy man known as Cyrus Gold. Multiple people claim that Gold was a very wealthy mine owner, who made his About - CYRUSIK Combining these missions with Cyrus’ wise and fruitful economic policies, the Middle East and Central Asia emerged as a pinnacle of early civilization. A great man who also harboured a spirit of humility, Cyrus asked to be buried in earth, rather than encased in silver or gold. Super Soldier Physiology | Superpower Wiki | Fandom

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Diane Mizota - IMDb Diane Mizota, Actress: Austin Powers in Goldmember. Diane Mizota was born on September 9, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Diane Kiyomi Mizota. She is an actress, known for Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), Cyrus (2010) and George of the Jungle (1997). Cyrus Gold (Earth Forty-Two) | Arrow Fanon Wiki | Fandom Cyrus Gold was a former criminal that had his own gang but after being dumped into the Slaughter Swamp by thugs posing as orderlies, he reemerges as the monstrous Solomon Grundy. He was later defeated by the Green Arrow, and is now locked up in jail. Solomon Grundy's true personality is unknown

Jun 06, 2017 · Who is Cyrus Gold in Gotham? For those of you who don’t know of him, we’ve got all the details right here! Solomon Grundy Comes to Town. While Gotham Season 3 aired, the show’s writers were dropping hints that we’d be seeing Cyrus Gold soon. As Batman fans know, Cyrus

Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold) - Superhero Database Cyrus Gold (Solomon Grundy), is a Zombie supervillain who has clashed with many heroes over the years, including Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, the Justice Society of America, and the Justice League of America. Solomon Grundy frequently dies and resurrects in new incarnations, each of varying levels of strength and intelligence. Solomon Grundy (DCAU) | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom Cyrus Gold was a gangster who lived in the 1920s in Gotham, who was still a crime-infested hellhole. A man with particular ambition and greed, he was ultimately betrayed by his associates and buried on a swamp with a cursed gris-gris on his corpse. The magic eventually mixed with it and Cyrus Gold | Swamp Thing Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Category:Cyrus Gold | Elseworlds Wiki | FANDOM powered by ... Biography Origin. As a child, Cyrus Gold lived a life of misery and hopelessness. His father, Gold Sr., had moved to Gotham City before Cyrus was born to gain fame and fortune, changing his last name to "Gold" as a sign of things to come. However, this dream of a powerful future very soon diminished, leaving the Gold family in ruin. Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold) - Super Powers - Superhero ... Cyrus Gold (Solomon Grundy), is a Zombie supervillain who has clashed with many heroes over the years, including Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, the

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Cyrus Gold this time was an impoverished worker of the slaughter house in slaughter swamp. Trying to earn more money his wife would sleep with their boss but becoming too much to bear she killed herself and her boss would order the workers to dump her body in the swamp. DC TV Watch: 'Gotham' Finale Cyrus Gold Solomon Grundy ...

use sovereign in a sentence. Sovereign Power Synonym Discussion of sovereign. 2 : any of various gold coins of the United Kingdom. sovereign. adjective. 22 Oct 2015 -Destroyed the power battery of Alan Scott's lantern ring -Ripped off Amazo's Given to Grundy after Cyrus Gold's soul was dragged to Hell Cyrus Gold | Arrowverse Wiki | Fandom Cyrus Gold (died December 11, 2013), also known as The Acolyte and Brother Cyrus, was one of Brother Blood's test subjects, and one of the few who survived the initial injection. He was a childhood friend of the late Sebastian Blood and one of the original members of the Church of Blood under